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Bologna Coordinatorship

The primary goal of Bologna Coordinatorship of Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, a member of European University Association, is to introduce our university to its international equals and create synergy.

Our university has carried out a series of educational activities such as interacademic mobility, enhancing curricula, recognition of degrees, strategic planning and partnerships in periods of training for recognition within Bologna Process; a regeneration movement that consists of getting together the existing higher education systems on common grounds. Our goal is to actualize the above-stated educational activities and insure that they are overviewed in the concept of reciprocal training.

Our university, grounding its understanding of change on national and international partnership and communication, aims at encouraging its graduates’ participation in a more positive and innovative learning environment not only through out Europe, but also in Turkey. In this sense, Bologna Process is practiced pertinaciously and widely in Mehmet Akif Ersoy University.

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E-Mail: bologna@mehmetakif.edu.tr
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International Relations and Socrates Coordinatorship

The aim of International Relations and Socrates Coordinatorship is to actualize the exchange of students, together with administrative and academic staff, between our university and the universities located in the EU member countries within the context of “Lifelong Learning Programme”. By this means, intercollegiate and international cooperation is strengthened; our students are given the opportunity to study in Europe for a semester or a year, getting to know the European culture and introducing Turkish culture abroad.

Telephone: +90 248 212 27 00
Fax: +90 248 212 27 11
E-Mail: iro@mehmetakif.edu.tr
Web: http://iro.mehmetakif.edu.tr/