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‘Employability’ was the corner stone subject of the Bologna Ministerial Meeting in Leuven between 28th and 29th April 2009. Bologna Follow-Up Group puts forth the idea that “employability” is the biggest problem to be faced. 1st level programmes or bachelor degree graduates experience this problem more often than the others and the major reason behind this is that bachelor degrees are not appreciated as adequate in business markets. What should be done, then? Degree programmes should be employment intensive and adress the needs of the employer. The employers prefer to hire ones with the following characteristics:

  • strategic thinking,
  • being ersed in technology regarding his profession,
  • able to make decisions,,
  • innovative,
  • able to handle crisis,
  • with a high inner motivation,
  • with a high labour discipline,
  • open to learning,
  • with advanced communicative skills,
  • being able to fit in a team spirit.

         To equip our graduates with the characteristics mentioned, our university aims to:

    • provide the students with the necessary professional equipment regarding their occupation,
    • enable the ones who are employed thanks to LLP renew themselves morally and professionally,
    • engage industry and private sector in a wider range of dialogue, creating employment opportunities,
    • restructure the education programmes taking the sectoral needs into consideration,
    • increase the national and international recognizability,
    • give quality assurance to the students,
    • focus more energy on doctorate (3. degree) studies,
    • build a counseling and guidance center for the professional life,
    • write EU projects and to form an executive center for the projects in question.