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What is Lifelong Learning?

European Union Education and Youth Programmes started a new period by 1 January 2007. LLP = Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action Programmes, that will cover a seven-year period until the end of 2013, will be actualized by EU member states, EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and candidate states. Western Balkan countries and Switzerland are also envisaged to participate in the programme.
Our country has become a “full member” of European Union Education and Youth Programmes since 1 April 2004. In this first period, which attracted great attention and is going to end on 31 December 2006, a budget of 67 million Euros was set, benefiting both from EU pre accession funds and national contributions within the scope of Socrates (education), Leonardo Da Vinci (vocational training) and youth programmes. This budget was granted to our country’s youth and education. Granting percentage is nearly %100. During the first three years in question in which the programme was practiced, a total of 3035 projects were found worth supporting. Nearly 40.000 of our citizens have participated in exchanges and placements in EU countries to enrich their knowledge and experience and contributed to innovative approaches in our country.
Lifelong Learning Programme brings together general education and vocational training with all the sub programmes and activities by the medium of an integrated approach and because of its new rules, simplifications and increase in the country based activities, it is of vital importance. The decision with the number 1720/2006/EC taken on 15 November 2006 by the European Parliament and Council Of Europe that legislates LLP, defines the general purpose of the programme: “To strengthen the reciprocal exchange within the education systems in the Union, cooperation and mobility in order to turn them into a quality reference and to create an advanced knowledge-based society, to create more and better employment opportunities, to improve social cohesion, to protect the environment for future generations.”

It is clear that these goals match up with our country’s educational goals. As a consequence, our country will attend the Lifelong Learning Programme, beginning on 1 January 2007, as a “full member” again. Besides the 2007-2013 term is planned to come with a budget raise of 70% to meet the strong demands of all our educational institutions.
Lifelong Learning Programme is going to provide development opportunities in education and complimentary financial support to everyone from elementary school students to adults, from vocational training interns to university students. The table below is meant to give general information only. Each programme or their sub activities, their target groups, their advertisements for bids, their application conditions and time intervals, their project quality evaluation criteria and grant contract is published livingly on European Union Education and Youth Programmes Presidency website www.ua.gov.tr for you to follow. 

(School Education)

(Higher Education)

(Vocational Training)

(Adult Education)

Transversal Programme
4 Core Activities: Policy Making; Language Learning; BİT; Extending the Model Applications

Jean Monnet Programme
3 Core Activities: Jean Monnet Action; European Institutions; European Establishments

European Parliament and Council’s 15 November 2006 dated and 1720/2006/EC numbered decision enacting Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP).